Nurwarta Wiguna

Nurwarta Wiguna

Project Background :

Indonesian Red Cross/Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) supported by the American Red Cross has engaged in an Indonesia Earthquake Readiness Project to prevent earthquake damage and losses at the urban level by increasing preparedness capacity in the communities of Sukabumi and Banyuwangi cities. The project focuses on social and behavioural changes to:

  1. Increase awareness of earthquake risks
  2. Build an understanding of building codes
  3. Promote safety behaviours and preparedness actions, particularly on structural retrofitting


Objectives of the consultancy service :

The project will promote earthquake preparedness using traditional and digital media, including social media. The communication campaign will be based on the project’s Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) strategy, which outlines the campaign’s key messages and suggested media to disseminate them.

The project will also require technical assistance to build PMI’s capacity on strategic planning and communication. The technical assistance will cover a wider scope beyond the Earthquake Preparedness project, to train PMI personnel on increasing their engagement and impact at the community level through strategic planning and communication.


  1. Develop an earthquake preparedness awareness campaign
  2. Build PMI’s capacity on strategic planning and communication


Audiences :

  1. Priority audience: homeowners (heads of household) in targeted communities*
  2. Direct influence audience: family members of homeowners in targeted communities
  3. Indirect influence audiences: builders and home improvement contractors, lawmakers and government officials, local authorities, religious and opinion leaders, financial institutions, Indonesian Red Cross: User and implementing partner (PMI NHQ, PMI Sukabumi, PMI West Java, PMI East Java, PMI Banyuwangi).


Deliverables :

The communication organization/consultant is responsible for:

  1. Preparing and pitching the campaign approach recommendation: This includes, but is not limited to the organization’s background, your understanding of the assignment, suggested approach, timeframe, potential partners if any, and budget. The template provided allows additional input.
  2. Providing input on the project’s existing SBCC strategy: Including considerations of local context and feasible implementation in the field.
  3. Create, design, pre-test, and refine communication materials (Pre-testing will be observed by American Red Cross and PMI to assure objectivity)
    1. The pre-test will use Focus groups methodology with target audiences (consultants can propose alternate methods with rational)
    2. Per the communication strategy, the following materials are recommended: TV commercials, posters, billboards, internet banners/flags, WhatsApp messages, YouTube stories, support materials for Interpersonal Communication (IPC), flyers, brochures and training guides.
    3. Include details of pre-test report content: Understanding; Acceptance; Attractiveness; Connection; Call to action relevance; Recommended revisions
  4. Create a media plan recommendation, including a flowchart
  5. Media placement of the campaign
  6. Provide technical assistance to build PMI’s capacity on strategic planning and communication
  7. Provide progress updates on monthly check-in calls


Required qualifications :

Required qualifications for the consultant/consulting team members are:

  1. At least 5 years of communication experience including 3 years of experience in Social and Behaviour Change Communication. Disaster Risk Reduction related activities would be a plus.
  2. Experience creating, designing, and producing SBCC campaigns in the form of TV commercials, print materials, digital communication materials, and/or social media.
  3. Demonstrated expertise with SBCC projects and implementation.
  4. Working communication experience in the urban context (cities) in Indonesia.
  5. Media planning and placement capabilities (if this will be done with a partner, their information and capabilities need to be part of the proposal).

Application materials :

You are expected to submit the proposal and your suggested approach. Content of the proposal must include details as listed below:

  1. Communication organization/consultant profile: Include a summary of the consultant/firm, indicating background and relevant working experience
  2. Your understanding of the consultancy services: Drawing from the TOR and creative brief, indicate your understanding of the consultancy services to be performed
  3. Technical approach: Please explain your proposed plan and approach and provide a rationale in line with activities proposed
  4. Consultancy timeline: Include the proposed work plan. Provide a table comprised of a description of the consultancy services that meet the objective, scope of work, and expected activities and deliverables
  5. Budget: Provide a table that shows the estimated logistics and production costs of the materials and labour
  6. Professional Reference at least 3 referees
  7. Annexes: CV and sample of previous work comprised


Application procedures :

Your proposal application should be in English not later than 14 September 2020 to and cc-ed to  recruitment@amredcross.orgindicating Indonesia EQ Readiness Project – SBCC Campaign in the subject line and include your CV, proposal, and work samples with your name and document type in the file names. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted for an interview. Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered.


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